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the manager of the post Business. posmeester مُدير مَكتَب البَريد управител на поща gerente do posto dos correios poštmistr der/die Postvorsteher(in) postmester διευθυντής ταχυδρομείου jefe de oficina de correos; jefa de oficina de correos postkontori ülem رئیس پستخانه postimestari receveur/euse des postes מְנָהֵל סְנִיף דוֹאָר डाकपाल upravitelj pošte postamester kepala kantor pos póstmeistari direttore/direttrice di un ufficio postale 郵便局長 우체국장 pašto viršininkas pasta priekšnieks (-ce) Ketua Pos postdirecteurpostmester naczelnik poczty د پسته خانى رئيس chefe dos correios diriginte de poştă начальник почтового отделения poštmajster poštni upravnik upravnik pošte postmästare ผู้อำนวยการของการไปรษณีย์ posta müdürü 郵政局長 поштмейстер; начальник поштового відділення ڈاک خانہ کا ناظم người quản lý bưu điện 邮政局长

Organic food is food made by solutions that adjust to the expectations of natural farming. Criteria range around the world, but organic farming generally speaking characteristics tactics that try to cycle means, promote ecological harmony, and preserve biodiversity.

The Unique scenario of the POST to a similar page that the kind belongs to is named a postback. Influencing server point out[edit]

goalpost - among a pair of posts (usually joined by a crossbar) which have been build for a aim at Every close of the actively playing area

Thesaurus: synonyms and similar phrases Spending revenue absorption ante be penny-wise and pound-foolish idiom blew cost chargeable congestion charge demurrage lay sth out overbid paid pay back up select sth up get the Monthly bill/tab idiom redeem remunerate established sb again (sth) spring stiff really worth See far more results »

compound - a specific sort or species of matter with uniform Homes; "shigella is One of the more toxic substances acknowledged to male"

post - the system whereby messages are transmitted by using the post Place of work; "the mail handles billions of things every single day"; "he functions for America mail support"; "in England they call mail `the post'"

Shelf-stable food (often ambient food) is food of a sort that can be securely stored at place temperature inside of a sealed container.

Jail food may be the term for foods served to prisoners when incarcerated in correctional institutions. While some prisons get ready their own personal food, quite a few use staff members from on-web page catering providers.

chyme - a semiliquid mass of partially digested food that passes from the stomach through the เบิร์นไขมัน pyloric sphincter into the duodenum

a printed doc bought at a post Office environment, which can be exchanged at Yet another post Office environment with the amount of cash paid out for it. posorder حَوّالَه بَريديَّه пощенска разписка vale postal poštovní poukázka die Postanweisung postanvisning ταχυδρομική επιταγήgiro postal rahakaart حوالۀ پولی postiosoitus mandat-posteהמחאת דואר पोस्टल आर्डर novčana uputnica postautalvány pemberitahuan pos póstávíSolar vaglia postale 郵便為替 우편환 pašto perlaida pārvedums pa pastu wang pos postwisselpostanvisningprzekaz pocztowy د حواله پيسى vale денежный почтовый перевод poštová poukážka poštna nakaznica novčana uputnica postanvisning ธนาณัติ posta havalesi 郵政匯票(匯款單) грошовий переказ ڈاک کي ہنڈي thư chuyển tiền 邮政汇票(汇款单)

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These substances may be both available food objects or non-food items. Between meat and meat goods many of the things utilized to adulterate are drinking water or ice, carcasses, or carcasses of animals in addition to the animal meant to be consumed.[thirteen]

through the post Provided that most of the people would not need to send out their unique passport through the post, they must get yourself a certified duplicate.

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