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rigamarole, rigmarole - a lengthy and complicated and perplexing process; "everything educational rigmarole was a squander of time"

2a(1) : a organic phenomenon marked by gradual alterations that guide towards a particular end result the process of expansion

loved ones p's the psychosocial, physiological, and spiritual capabilities and associations throughout the loved ones device; nursing diagnoses contain dysfunctional spouse and children processes: alcoholism and interrupted loved ones processes.

Depending upon the functioning process implementation, switches may very well be done when jobs execute input/output operations, each time a activity signifies that it can be switched, or on components interrupts.

Applications encompass sequences of Recommendations for processors. One processor can run only one instruction at any given time: it truly is unattainable to run extra systems simultaneously. A plan might will need some source, like an input product, which has a large hold off, or possibly a plan could possibly start out some sluggish Procedure, for example sending output to some printer.

A citizen of the overseas nation who seeks to enter The usa frequently should 1st attain a U.S. visa, that is positioned from the traveler’s passport, a vacation document issued through the traveler’s place of citizenship.

From Cambridge English Corpus   Therefore, philosophical modernity assumes that human beings are just the next form of animal existence ensuing from the gradual evolutionary process

performing, functionality, Procedure - process or way of functioning or running; "the strength of its engine establishes its operation"; "the airplane's operation in significant winds"; "they compared the cooking effectiveness of each oven"; "the jet's effectiveness conformed to high expectations"

tentacle - any of various elongated tactile or prehensile adaptable organs that come about on The top or near the mouth in many animals; used for emotion or greedy or locomotion

The process wherein the plastic tubing is built carries through the manufacturing unit, as We are going to exhibit within the tour about to be taken.

Try to remember the process and you'll transfer ahead, but get quite a while to figure out what precisely it truly is that you are undertaking.

process - (psychology) the overall performance of some composite cognitive activity; an operation that impacts psychological contents; "the process of imagining"; "the cognitive Procedure of remembering"

A multitasking running procedure may just switch in between processes to provide the looks of numerous processes executing at the same time (that may be, in parallel), though actually only one process could be executing at Anybody time on one CPU (Except the indian visa CPU has various cores, then multithreading or other similar technologies can be used).[a]

2. A series of functions carried out within the earning or cure of a product: a manufacturing process; leather-based dyed in the course of the tanning process.

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